About Us

Comfort Shoe Specialists is a Pedorthic Facility and is professionally staffed by American Board Certified Pedorthists, BOC International Pedorthists and Shoe Technicians. We specialize in Modern Shoe Therapy, the difficult-to-fit patients, and helping people maintain better health and well-being overall.


Edith A. James, ABC Certified Pedorthist

Since 1974 Edith has experience in the pedorthic field, first as a custom sandal maker at the Leather Loft in Clayton, MO.  Her interest in custom footwear and biomechanics was ignited when she joined Custom Shoe Laboratories in 1978.  Edith received her education in pedorthics from New York University, NYC in 1990.  That same year, she passed the Board for Certification in Pedorthics exam, then BCP.

Edith frequently writes articles and lectures to health groups and special events. She is a member of the Pedorthic Footwear Foundation since 1999. She has attended the annual Pedorthic Symposium almost every year since 1991 and visits the World Shoe Association in Las Vegas for shoe buying trips and continued education.  Edith serves on the National Shoe Retailers Association Board (NSRA Class of 2003).  Edith served on the Education Committee of NSRA, chairing and co-chairing the education events several times.  Edith opened Comfort Shoe Specialists in October 1992 with her husband Joe Goodenough, who serves as Vice President and Chief of Operations.

Support Staff

Michelle Cain, Inventory Manager

Michelle joined Comfort Shoe Specialists 2001. Michelle has training as a certified medical assistant. Before joining Comfort Shoe Specialists, she was involved in inventory management since 1983. Michelle also serves patients when needed and is a backup receptionist.





Joe Goodenough, Mr. Indispensable

Joe worked in his family business of remodeling and building from 1966-2001.  As VP of Comfort Shoe Specialists and Edith’s spouse, he built the first store and has been in charge of maintenance operations since 1992.  He came on full-time in 2006 when moving into our new location, assisting with inventory management.  His skill set also allows us to do shoe modifications in our such as lifts,flares,wedges.  His other duties include pouring casts, assisting with inventory, and also helps people with shoe fitting.