Celebrate Father’s Day!

Celebrate Father’s Day! Check out our Great Savings! 2 Weeks Only-Today through June 16th ********************************************************************************************************** Men’s & Women’s Shoes Selected Styles Orig. $125 -$300 • Sale $89.99 to $129.99 While Supplies Last • All Sales Final Apex, Supremes, Sequoia, Alden, In-Stride, and Fidelio ********************************************************************************************************** Other In-House Services Custom Orthotics Custom Shoes Shoe Repair Insert Modifications […] Read more »

Thanksgiving Specials

Please stop by and join us for our Thanksgiving special week. From November 20th to the 25th, all athletic shoes are 10% off. We have a wide variety of brands, including: New Balance, Brooks, Saucony, Drew, SAS, Spira, among others. We will be closed Thanksgiving day, so stop by at your earliest convenience to take […] Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving Day

Dear friends, This holiday season, we are thankful for our valued customers. As always, we are grateful that you choose Comfort Shoe Specialists for your footwear needs. We will continue to provide the quality service you deserve. We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and happiness this holiday season. Sincerely Yours, Team of Comfort Shoe Specialists Read more »

Leg Length Discrepancy Lift on Nike

Lifts can be discreet when done via splitting the sole.  5/8″ heel, 3/8″ ball, and 0″ at toe makes for balanced walking and discretion.  Barely noticeable when being worn. This person had a hip replacement that resulted in this discrepancy. Our pedorthists and technicians care about how you look as well as how you feel.  […] Read more »

DROP FOOT Device works for many!

There are many causes for Drop Foot, where literally the forefoot is unable to come up (dorsiflex) so that toes clear the ground during walking (swing phase of gait).  The muscles that enable dorsiflexion (bringing up forefoot) are weakened because of stroke, neuropathy, or some other cause.  AFO’s or Ankle Foot Orthotics are prescribed fit […] Read more »


The VERY BEST foot deodorant! One woman told me it saved her marriage.  Another said that her 2 sons were able to bring their shoes in from the garage…and she had hated walking past them even there! My friend Bill told me that his wife became more loving!  Not exactly sure what he meant by […] Read more »

NEOS Overshoes work wonderfully!

NEOS may not be beautiful, but they work beautifully!  Essentially waterproof, slip resistant shoe coverings that fit over any footwear.  Pants legs tuck in with draw-string to hold in (see arrow) then Velcro closure down front with adjustable instep strap.  This means the boots can fit over any type of shoes, versatile as can be. […] Read more »

Custom Made Therapeutic Footwear for Club Foot

66 year old male born with LEFT club foot had multiple surgeries before age 25 and the foot’s shape was greatly improved according to his report. LEFT foot has deformities  still on the lateral side at cuboid and 5th metatarsal head (ball of foot behind baby toe).  He endured painful calluses for years before using […] Read more »

Cute Shoe Rescue: Camuto Made Super Comfortable!

High Fashion can be made comfortable with our Cute Shoe Rescue! Upper: Original shoes showing thin leather soles outside and flat insoles with no support inside. LOWER LEVEL    Arrows pointing inside:  Longitudinal and metatarsal arches added to reduce pressure at balls of feet.  Solutions help metatarsalgia (pain at balls of feet) plus arch strain […] Read more »