Some of the most common reasons for amputations are:

  • Diabetic and Idiopathic neuropathy
  • Trauma
  • Gross Deformity
  • Ulceration causing osteomyelitis (gangrene)

Comfort Shoe Specialists Pedorthic care focuses on safely supporting the remainder of the foot and limb. Footwear includes every aspect of that protection from lotions to socks to inserts (custom orthotic devices) to accommodate shoe wear. At Comfort Shoe Specialists, custom molded footwear is often recommended since they offer no compromise in fit and support. 3-dimensional orthotics to support and straighten is an accurate description of custom molded footwear.

Comfort Shoe Specialists in St. Louis, Missouri, offers traditional custom molded footwear, and we usually recommend high tops, especially with an amputation. We also offer “The Good Shoe Company” custom molded footwear which have the highest styling available. Comfort Shoe Specialists is the exclusive provider for TGSC shoes in the St. Louis area.

Edith James, founder of Comfort Shoe Specialists oversees custom molded footwear orders. She started her career at Custom Shoe Laboratories in St. Louis in 1978, making custom molded footwear with an emphasis on sandals to provide customers with style as well as function.