Happy Thanksgiving Day

Dear friends,

This holiday season, we are thankful for our valued customers.

As always, we are grateful that you choose Comfort Shoe Specialists for your footwear needs. We will continue to provide the quality service you deserve.

We wish you a wonderful Thanksgiving and happiness this holiday season.

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Team of Comfort Shoe Specialists

Comfort Shoe October specials… for orthotics, too!

We’re excited about special pricing for Fidelio, Aetrex, Apex and InStride shoes! We found a special deal on these shoes and we’re glad to pass these savings on to our customers!

Fidelo’s shoes and boots are normally sold for $235 – $375. They are marked down to $199 and the sandals are now $149.

Apex, Aetrex or InStride shoes normally retail for $130 – $200. We have every pair marked at $99/pair.

We also offer more saving:

  1. Order New Orthotics and purchase a pair of Aetrex, Apex or InStride shoes for $49
  2. Have your orthotics rebuilt/recovered and purchase a pair of Aetrex, Apex or InStride shoes for $69!
  3. Remake specials through 11/30/2017
    Due to a multitude of requests we have decided to extend our orthotic special until the end of November, so be sure and come in for your remakes or refurbishing of your old orthotics before the weather turns nasty or the hustle and bustle of the holidays take over your life. You want to be shopping in comfort with your new or rebuilt orthotics in your most comfortable shoes.
    Bring your casts for remakes and instead of $50 casts credit, get $100 off remakes from casts plus still be able to purchase a pair of Aetrex, Apex or Instride shoes for just $49! Great shoes and great pricing!

Questions? Just call us! (314) 822-3300


  • All sales are for in-store inventory only.
  • If we don’t have your size in stock, we will give you $50 store credit.

Now, we are fully stocked with SAS shoes (still made in USA)

We have moved to our new location: 14390 Manchester Road, Manchester, MO 63011 about ½ mile west of Hwy 141 on the south side. There is plenty of parking in front and on the side of the store and easy access to Manchester Road. We are now open Monday to Saturday from 9:00 am till 5:30 pm!

We welcome walk-ins, but recommend appointments so that you can get the full benefit of the service that our pedorthists provide in finding solutions for your footwear needs.

If we’ve let you down in any way, please tell us and we will do everything in our power to “make things right”. If we’ve helped you or a loved one, and you are happy with our services, please tell the world. We appreciate good reviews on Google and Yelp:

We wish you wellness and happy feet!

Our Prize Winner from our Friday drawing on 04/21/17

Our Prize Winner from our Friday drawing on 04/21/17 Lin Gallego. (Dispensed Apex Stealth Runner).
Here is her review from visiting our store.

“I visited this store yesterday and had a great experience. I was thrilled to see so many different Brands of shoes, with many attractive styles, all to correct multiple foot problems. After 4 years of wearing black, clunky athletic shoes, it was wonderful to find a variety of shoes that actually work for me. I had a 100% positive experience with Mrs. Martha Bisher, a Certified Pedorthist. My appointment went far beyond the typical measuring: she examined my orthotics, watched my gait, observed my limited range of motion, and took detailed notes about my specific problems. She is professional and very observant. What a kind and genuine person!
The other highlight of my visit was winning an in-store contest! Much to my delight, I was able to select a new pair of Apex walking shoes, all for free!!
Make sure to sign into their website to schedule an appointment AND to enter their weekly shoe giveaway –
An outstanding business with great employees!”

Leg Length Discrepancy Lift on Nike

TT Nike lift pair

Lifts can be discreet when done via splitting the sole.  5/8″ heel, 3/8″ ball, and 0″ at toe makes for balanced walking and discretion.  Barely noticeable when being worn. This person had a hip replacement that resulted in this discrepancy.

Our pedorthists and technicians care about how you look as well as how you feel.  We then get a KICK out of subtly striping the lift so it goes away even more!


DROP FOOT Device works for many!

Footup Device 1.14

There are many causes for Drop Foot, where literally the forefoot is unable to come up (dorsiflex) so that toes clear the ground during walking (swing phase of gait).  The muscles that enable dorsiflexion (bringing up forefoot) are weakened because of stroke, neuropathy, or some other cause.  AFO’s or Ankle Foot Orthotics are prescribed fit so that plastic runs from behind leg, then under foot and keeps the foot from dropping.  These generally work well.  BUT shoe fitting can be a nightmare since they make the foot 1-2 sizes larger.  Fortunately, we carry several models that have double depth to help with fitting.

BUT the FOOT-UP Device can be used INSTEAD of the AFO for some patients.  Who?  Those with milder cases of foot drop.  The ADVANTAGES are COMFORT, EASE OF FIT, and keeping the muscles of the affected limb from as much atrophy.  Clients/patients love them.  These can be effective and enable wearing of existing lace shoe wardrobe, at least for part of the time.  It’s obvious if this isn’t a good choice and we have inventory in stock to try out.

Comfort Shoe Specialists are the foot problem solvers!