Custom Molded Shoes: CUTE can happen

CMS Black Pat Grif Chukka 1.1473 year old female with diabetes presented with feelings of frustration that she is unable to do what she wants in her retirement because of her feet.  After evaluation and assessment we agreed to prioritize her desires:

1.  Reduce pre-ulcerative calluses at balls of feet, currently endangering her health

2.  Accommodate her different sized feet (LEFT 8 1/2 narrow and RIGHT 7 1/2 wide)

3.  Walk safely since her balance is compromised with mis-shapen feet

4.  Look CUTE and STYLISH

At Comfort Shoe Specialists, we believe in helping people look as good as possible, especially when we came to agreement of her list of priorities and in this order.  First things first since footwear is physical medicine, dramatically capable of improving her health and well-being.

She worked with a wound center and various physicians with little improvement during the past 2 years.  We believe that within 6 months her state of health, at least with her feet, will be substantially improved.  That is our experience with wearing correct footwear, acclimating gradually as we direct and doing follow up.  At our pedorthic facility, correct footwear means everything put on the feet from shoes to lotions to socks:  we recommended Anastasia lotion and Thorlo Tennis Socks with extra cushioning under the entire foot PLUS additional protection at the balls of the feet (now available in BLACK). I was wearing Finn Comfort Soho in Black Griffin patent leather on the day that I worked with this patient and she said she wanted her shoes to look as close to them as possible.  Finn Soho blk grif

While we require custom footwear to be high tops for greater stability and support, our shoemakers did a wonderful job fulfilling her desire for style and fashion.  At the fitting, the soles will likely be sculpted to provide some  designs and lines for panache.  Subtle but make the shoes look more youthful.

What else?  Regular maintenance is required with custom made footwear to get best results.  Often, the wearer has unusual and/or demanding walking gait which requires follow up and sole maintenance.  Give your local cobbler the business or bring back to us, but keep the soles repaired and leveled for optimal performance and results.

We learned that one of her physicians thought the cost of our shoes was excessive.  We understand this reaction but we respectfully disagree.  Per her requests, we provided styling and leathers that do not look like the typical custom molded Frankenstein looking shoes.  She can go anywhere looking smartly fashionable.  We are providing 3 sets of inserts to rotate, providing a minimum of 3-4 years of support.  Since she has only one pair of safe shoes, we recommend 3 pairs of inserts so she can rotate, providing daily fresh support for healing and sanitation:  regularly the custom inserts cost $395 pair X 3 pairs= $1,185 + special styling made with specialty black patent leather per customer request (cost is $112) + duplicate last ready for next pair (cost is $45) +cost of casting ($100) so total cost of shoes is $1,632.  The normal cost of these shoes in black, brown, or taupe leathers with one set of insoles would have been $1060.

Medical costs of an amputation is greater than $40,000 PLUS prosthesis is $10,000 plus.  Rate of mortality is 75% withing 5 years of an amputation.  Proper footwear saves lives and lots of money.

With maintenance, shoes like these can last up to 10 years or more, especially when/if another pair is purchased so the shoes can be rotated as well as inserts.  Not only is this effective and efficient physical medicine compared to alternatives of ulcer care and possible amputation(s), but client regains much if not all of her previous activities.  Walking safely often improves mental states and can add to greater physical well-being.  A reasonable investment in overall health?  We believe so!

And she gets better balance and STYLE to boot!

(pun intended)

Giesswein Slippers provide Comfort & Support

Giesswein Vent Giesswein rasp slippersBeautiful craftsmanship on boiled wool lodge shoes and slippers are beautiful for another reason:  they help prevent falls!  Contoured footbeds support arches of the feet to provide greater balance and stability, a key to fall prevention.  Most falls occur in homes with worn, slick slippers on OR in stocking feet.  Older feet are often tender and walking without shoes is done just because the shoes hurt.  Humans avoid pain!  If shoes hurt, we won’t put them on until we have to.

TEST:  if shoes are kicked off as soon as you get home, it’s because the shoes are not comfortable.  When shoes feel good, people keep them on…all the way to bedtime UNLESS they have something else to put on.  We call these Recovery Footwear:  supportive but usually looser and feel like FOOT HUGS!

We stress that safe, supportive “house shoes” are an important component of total foot health and well-being.

The lodge shoes and slippers shown above are washable!  Though naturally water resistant, stain resistant, and dirt resistant, these can be laundered then air dried.  Removable footbeds provide relief for foot pain whether balls of feet, bunions, flat feet, or posterior tibialis tendonitis.  We customize them when more support is needed to make them perfect!

Everyone deserves a hug…especially our hard working feet!  Take care of yours and they will take care of you!

Custom Made Therapeutic Footwear for Club Foot

FBingamanCMS 6.1366 year old male born with LEFT club foot had multiple surgeries before age 25 and the foot’s shape was greatly improved according to his report. LEFT foot has deformities  still on the lateral side at cuboid and 5th metatarsal head (ball of foot behind baby toe).  He endured painful calluses for years before using pedorthics to provide relief:  contoured footbeds to reduce pressure with mismated shoes since feet are differently sized.

He has used custom made footwear since 1998.  High top shoes and sandals provide stability.  He now uses an AFO on LEFT so we made his boot to house AFO or he can use custom trilaminate orthoses on inactive days…he is still quite active, living by a lake so he needs STABILITY on sloping, uneven terrain.

He likes wearing sandals as his recovery footwear and we have made several pairs for him:  support with toes free!  Again, high tops provide more stability and REDUCES FALLS.  All of our custom made footwear is done with high tops unless there is a significant reason not to because fit is so much better!

According to Josh White, DPM, and other experts, fall prevention is not hard to accomplish:  contoured footbeds with ankles supported.  Falls occur mostly around homes in worn slippers or stocking feet.  Contoured footbeds in sandals or slippers should be worn around homes.  If balance is compromised, wear high tops with contoured footbeds as much as possible.  At Comfort Shoe Specialists, we are trained in Fall Prevention.

Cute Shoe Rescue: Camuto Made Super Comfortable!

CSR Camuto Dress

High Fashion can be made comfortable with our Cute Shoe Rescue!

Upper: Original shoes showing thin leather soles outside and flat insoles with no support inside.

LOWER LEVEL    Arrows pointing inside:  Longitudinal and metatarsal arches added to reduce pressure at balls of feet.  Solutions help metatarsalgia (pain at balls of feet) plus arch strain and heel pain (plantar fascitiis).

Arrows pointing to bottoms of fronts:  cushioned layer of slip resistant soling provides more protection for balls of feet plus lowers heel height for more comfort and better balance.  Better not only for feet, but knees, hips, and backs.

You have cute shoes that hurt?  Bring them in for Cute Shoe Rescue solutions!





Fancy Pumps Made Comfortable…oh, yeah!

CSR Blk Tie pumps

Arthritis doesn’t keep this stylish woman from accompanying her family in high fashion shoes.  She just brings them to us to add cushioning to the balls of the feet with bouncy soling 1/4 inch thick with feminine woven, slip resistant pattern.  Then we pull up the lining and add long arch and metatarsal arch supports.  VOILA!  She can dance and keep her shoes on all night!

These are high fashion satin shoes for a black tie event that she is delighted with…also stretched the bunion areas!